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ECU Remapping | Tuning Services

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What is ECU Remapping/Tuning?

ECU remapping tuning, also known as tuning or chipping involves altering the standard parameters in your factory ECU. This is done by reading out the factory software and modifying its tables using highly specialized software. We then write the software back into your ECU with the changes made. We always keep a copy of your factory ECU file so we can revert back to the factory program at anytime should this be required.

What is altered?

A variety of parameters can be changed and fine-tuned to achieve the result ‘you’ require. We can change fuelling, injection settings, torque limits and targets, boost pressure and a host of other specifications. What we change really does depend on your specific requirements for the machine. Agri Tune will not just raise settings in the ECU file, instead each one is calibrated in details to achieve the desired result. Even the smallest of changes can result in significant gains in performance or fuel savings.

What are the benefits of ECU Remapping?





What makes it safe?

Modern tractors and harvesters are controlled by many computers, they control everything from air fuel ratios to torque output. We work with these computers rather than installing a piggy back box influencing sensor signals. By working with the factory computers we can safely increase power, torque and more often than not improve fuel economy and productivity.

Many manufacturers will use the same engine and ECU but change the mapping on the ECU to produce more power or torque, essentially we are doing what they would do but at a much lesser cost and actually changing your mapping to suit the job you are doing.


Due to many 1000′s of hours of testing our products and services we have fully warranty on all of our products. This does not replace your factory warranty.

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Reflash remapping results in significant gains in performance or fuel savings.

New release and exclusive to Agri Tune customers is the new Agri-Flash personal reflash remapping interface. This state of the art touch screen unit allows for multiple tunes to be stored for the same John Deere machine targeting differing work on the farm.

Agri-Flash will also store the original stock file from the machine allowing a return to stock for any reason required. Our dealers can set up the unit for you when they do your tuning or we can even send them out to you and you can upload and download the software from your own machine allowing machines even in the remotest parts of the country to be tuned quickly and easily. Coverage for all John Deere engines from 1997 onwards. To order a unit please contact us or your local Agri Tune dealer.

What is altered?

Many parameters can be changed and fine-tuned such as fuelling, injector settings, torque limiters and targets, boost pressure along with a host of others. What is changed for your machine really does depend on its application.
Agri Tune will not jus
t raise settings in the ECU file, instead each one is calibrated in detail to achieve the desired result. Even the smallest of changes can result in significant gains in performance or fuel savings.

Tech Specs


CPU: 32 bits


Memory: 512 K


Ram Memory: 32 MBytes


Storage: 256 MBytes


Display: TFT color 320×240 pixels


Touch Screen: Yes


Weight: 140 g

PC input/output: Micro USB 2.0

In the box


Vehicle Connection Cable

Micro USB Cable

Instruction manual


Personal Computer OS: 
Windows 7 / Vista / XP

Software Download


What we Tune:

Light Auto and 4WD

Heavy Vehicles

Agricultural Machinery

CASE CONSTRUCTION BACKHOE LOADERS 580ST 72kW/97HP WHEEL LOADERS 821E 169kW/227HP WHEEL LOADERS 821F 172kW/231HP CASE IH AF 2366 240HP AF 2377 198kW/266HP AF 2388 280HP AF 2388 293HP AF 2388 300HP AF 2399 305HP AF 2588 8.3L 227kW/305HP AF 2788 310HP AF 2799 330HP AF 5088 205kW/275HP AF 5130 220kW/295HP AF 6088 246kW/335HP AF 6130 240kW/322HP AF 7088 366HP AF 7120 422HP AF 7130 305kW/409HP AF 9120 530HP AFX 2377 330 HP AFX 2388 330 HP AFX 2577 275 HP AFX 6130 382HP AFX 7010 394 HP AFX 7120 360 HP AFX 7130 261KW/350HP AFX 7230 443HP AFX 8010 300 HP AFX 8010 400 HP MS6.2 AFX 8010 455 HP AFX 8120 313KW/420 HP AFX 8120 463 HP AFX 8230 12.9L 380kW/510HP AFX 8790 545 HP AFX 9230 12.9L 420kW/563HP CANE HARVESTERS 8800 CHX 320 320HP MS6.2 CHX 420 428HP MS6.2 COTTON PICKERS MODULE EXPRESS 625 CVX 1135 6.6L 101kW/135HP SISU CVX 1145 6.6L 108kW/144HP SISU CVX 1155 6.6L 115kW/154HP SISU CVX 1170 6.6L 126kW/169HP SISU CVX 1190 6.6L 141kW/189HP SISU CVX 1195 6.6L 143kW/191HP CVX 140 6.6L 105kW/141HP CVX 150 6.6L 111kW/148HP CVX 160 6.6L 118kW/158HP CVX 175 6.6L 125kW/167HP CVX 175 6.6L 125kW/167HP EDC7UC31 FARMALL 105 U PRO 3.4L 79kW/106HP FARMALL 105C 3.4L 79kW/105HP FARMALL 115 U 3.4L 84kW/113HP FARMALL 115 U PRO 3.4L 84kW/113HP FARMALL 115C 3.4L 84kW/115HP FARMALL 75C 3.4L 55,2kW/74HP FARMALL 85C 3.4L 64kW/86HP FARMALL 95 U PRO 3.4L 73kW/98HP FARMALL 95C 3.4L 70kW/94HP MAGNUM CVX 235 CVX 8.7L 197kW/264HP MAGNUM CVX 370 CVX 8.7L 274kW/367HP MAGNUM EP 180 6.7L 150kW/204HP MAGNUM EP 225 6.7L 165kW/221HP MAGNUM EP 225 6.7L 165kW/221HP MAGNUM EP 235 8.3L 175kW/235HP MAGNUM EP 235 8.3L 175kW/235HP MAGNUM EP 260 8.7L 213kW/290HP MAGNUM EP 290 8.7L 233kW/317HP MAGNUM EP 290 8.7L 233kW/317HP MAGNUM EP 340 8.7L 275kW/374HP MAGNUM EP 340 8.7L 275kW/374HP MAGNUM MX 210 CVT 6.75L 156kW/209HP MAGNUM MX 215 8.3L 167kW/224HP MAGNUM MX 225 CVT 8.3L 167kW/224HP MAGNUM MX 240 8.3L 176kW/236HP MAGNUM MX 240 8.3L 211kW/283HP MAGNUM MX 245 8.3L 180kW/241HP MAGNUM MX 250 8.3L 185kW/248HP MAGNUM MX 250 8.3L 186kW/250HP MAGNUM MX 270 8.3L 199kW/266HP MAGNUM MX 275 9.0L 202kW/271HP MAGNUM MX 280 9.0L 210kW/282HP MAGNUM MX 280 9.0L 210kW/282HP MAGNUM MX 285 8.3L 211kW/283HP MAGNUM MX 310 9.0L 228kW/310HP MAGNUM MX 335 9.0L 246kW/330HP MAGNUM MX 340 8.7L 286kW/384HP MAXXUM MXU 110 4.5L 82kW/112HP MAXXUM MXU 110 6.7L 86kW/115HP MAXXUM MXU 115 6.7L 86kW/117HP MAXXUM MXU 125 4.5L 92kW/123HP MAXXUM MXU 125 6.7L 93kW/125HP MAXXUM MXU 125 6.7L 93kW/125HP MAXXUM MXU 130 4.5L 97kW/132HP MAXXUM MXU 135 6.7L 99kW/133HP MAXXUM MXU 140 6.7L 104kW/141HP MAXXUM EP MC 110 4.4L 89kW/119HP MAXXUM EP MC 115 6.7L 93kW/124HP MAXXUM EP MC 120 4.4L 98kW/131HP MAXXUM EP MC 125 6.7L 101kW/135HP MAXXUM EP MC 130 4.4L 105kW/140HP MAXXUM EP MC 140 6.7L 113kW/151HP MXM 190 7.5L PUMA 125 6.7L 93kW/126HP PUMA 140 6.7L 104kW/142HP PUMA 155 6.7L 118kW/158HP PUMA 165 6.7L 123kW/165HP PUMA 165 6.7L 123kW/165HP PUMA 180 6.7L 134kW/182HP PUMA 180 6.7L 134kW/182HP PUMA 195 6.7L 145kW/197HP PUMA 210 6.7L 157kW/213HP PUMA CVT EP 130 6.7L 98kW/131HP PUMA CVT EP 145 6.7L 107kW/144HP PUMA CVT EP 160 6.7L 172kW/234HP PUMA CVT EP 170 6.7L 160kW/218HP PUMA CVT EP 170 6.7L 160kW/218HP PUMA CVT EP 185 6.7L 172kW/234HP PUMA CVT EP 185 6.7L 172kW/234HP PUMA CVT EP 200 6.7L 186kW/250HP PUMA CVT EP 200 6.7L 186kW/250HP PUMA CVT EP 210 6.7L 156kW/209HP PUMA CVT EP 215 6.7L 191kW/260HP PUMA CVT EP 230 6.7L 183kW/245HP PUMA CVT EP 230 6.7L 183kW/245HP PUMA CVX 165 6.7L 123kW/167HP PUMA CVX 175 6.7L 129kW/173HP PUMA CVX 180 6.7L 132kW/177HP PUMA CVX 195 6.7L 145kW/194HP PUMA CVX 195 6.7L 145kW/194HP PUMA CVX 195 6.7L 145kW/194HP PUMA CVX 200 6.7L 147kW/197HP PUMA CVX 210 6.7L 157kW/213CV PUMA CVX 225 6.7L 165kW/224CV PUMA CVX EP 125 6.7L 120kW/163HP PUMA CVX EP 130 6.7L 97kW/130HP PUMA CVX EP 140 6.7L 129kW/175HP PUMA CVX EP 155 6.7L 149kW/203HP PUMA CVX EP 160 6.7L 149kW/203HP PUMA CVX EP 170 6.7L 160kW/218HP PUMA CVX EP 185 6.7L 172kW/234HP PUMA CVX EP 200 6.7L 184kW/247HP PUMA CVX EP 200 6.7L 184kW/247HP PUMA CVX EP 215 6.7L 191kW/256HP PUMA CVX EP 215 6.7L 191kW/256HP PUMA CVX EP 230 6.7L 198kW/266HP QUADTRAC 500 12.9L 374kW/502HP QUADTRAC 550 12.9L 410kW/550HP QUADTRAC 600 12.9L 447kW/599HP Series 3 SUPER R 695 SR 82kW/110HP Series 3 SUPER-M 580 SM 4.4L 69kW/93HP Series 3 SUPER-M 590 SM 4.4L 81kW/108HP SPRAYERS PATRIOT 2240 6.7L 121kW/162HP SPRAYERS PATRIOT 3320 6.7L 175kW/234HP SPRAYERS PATRIOT 3330 6.7L 186kW/249HP SPRAYERS PATRIOT 4420 8.3L 213kW/286HP STEIGER 335 9.0L 246kW/330HP STEIGER 350 8.7L 261kW/350HP STEIGER 375 STX 275kW/369HP STEIGER 385 12.9L 283kW/379HP STEIGER 400 12.9L 298kW/400HP STEIGER 430 12.9L 321kW/430HP STEIGER 435 Quadtrac 12.9L 320kW/429HP STEIGER 450 12.9L 336kW/450HP STEIGER 485 12.9L 357kW/478HP STEIGER 500 Quadtrac 12.9L 373kW/500HP STEIGER 535 Quadtrac 15L 393kW/527HP STX STX 380 12.9L 279kW/374HP STX STX 485 Quadtrac 12.9L 365kW/489HP CATERPILLAR C13 12.5L 318kW/426HP STATIC ENGINE C13 12.5L 321kW/430HP CRANE C13 12.8L 354kW/475HP C13 12.8L 391kW/525HP C15 C15 15.2L 410kW/550HP C15 C15 15.2L 433kW/580HP C15 HIGHWAY TRUCK CT660 410kW/550HP C4.4 4.4L 106kW/142HP C6.6 6.6L 168kW/225HP PERKINS C7.2 7.2L 186kW/249HP AIR COMPRESSOR DOZERS D6N 6.6L 112kW/150HP PERKINS GRADERS – LIVELLATRICI 140M2 9.3L 144kW/193HP HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS 315D L 4.2L 86kW/115HP HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS 319D L LN 4.2L 93kW HYDRAULIC EXCAVATORS 320D L 6.4L 103kW/138HP PERKINS 2 CLAAS ARES 546 4.5L 71kW/96HP ARES 547 4.5L 67.5kW/92HP ARES 556 4.5L 77kW/104HP ARES 557 4.5L 75kW/102HP ARES 566 4.5L 77kW/110HP ARES 567 4.5L 82kW/112HP ARES 577 4.5L 89kW/121HP ARES 616 6.8L 81kW/110HP ARES 617 ATZ 6.8L 85kW/114HP ARES 656 6.8L 92kW/125HP ARES 657 6.8L 92kW/125HP ARES 696 6.8L 103kW/143HP ARES 697 6.8L 103kW/140HP ARES 816 6.8L 121kW/165HP ARES 826 6.8L 129kW/175HP ARES 836 6.8L 143kW/195HP ARION 410 4.5L 75kW/100HP ARION 410 CIS 4.5L 75kW/100HP ARION 420 4.5L 81kW/108HP ARION 420 CIS 4.5L 81kW/110HP ARION 430 4.5L 88kW/120HP ARION 430 CIS 4.5L 88kW/120HP ARION 510 4.5L 77kW/105HP ARION 520 4.5L 88kW/120HP ARION 520 4.5L 93kW/125HP ARION 530 4.5L 107kW/145HP ARION 530 4.5L 96kW/130HP ARION 540 4.5L 107kW/145HP ARION 540 4.5L 99kW/135HP ARION 550 4.5L 120kW/161HP ARION 610 6.8L 88kW/120HP ARION 610C 6.8L 88kW/120HP ARION 620 6.8L 116kW/156HP ARION 620 6.8L 99kW/133HP ARION 620 6.8L 99kW/135HP ARION 620 CIS 6.8L 99kW/135HP ARION 620C 6.8L 99kW/135HP ARION 630 6.8L 107kW/145HP ARION 630 6.8L 121kW/162HP ARION 630C 6.8L 107kW/145HP ARION 640 6.8L 114kW/155HP ARION 640 6.8L 132kW/177HP ARION 640 6.8L 132kW/177HP ARION 650 6.8L 135kW/181HP AXION 810 6.7L 125kW/168HP AXION 810 CMATIC 6.7L 125kW/170HP AXION 820 6.7L 139kW/189HP AXION 820 CMATIC 6.7L 139kW/189HP AXION 830 6.7L 149kW/203HP AXION 840 6.7L 156kW/209HP AXION 850 6.7L 171kW/229HP AXION 920 8.7L 232kW/311HP CELTIS 426 4.5L 55kW/74HP CELTIS 436 4.5L 59kW/79HP CELTIS 446 4.5L 67kW/90HP CELTIS 456 4.5L 74kW/99HP CELTIS 456 RX 4.5L 76kW/102HP JAGUAR 830 12.8L 236kW/317HP JAGUAR 850 12.8L 302kW/405HP JAGUAR 870 12.8L 322kW/432HP JAGUAR 870 16L 333kW/447HP JAGUAR 890 16L 370kW/496HP JAGUAR 900 16L 458kW/614HP JAGUAR 930 12.8L 303kW/406HP JAGUAR 940 16L 350kW/469HP JAGUAR 940 16L 375kW/503HP JAGUAR 950 16L 372kW/499HP JAGUAR 960 16L 458kW/614HP JAGUAR 970 2×12.8L 537kW/720HP JAGUAR 980 2×12.8L 610kW/818HP LEXION 440 Evol. 7.2L 193kW/260HP LEXION 530 9.0L 217kW/291HP LEXION 540 221kW/296HP ADEM III LEXION 550 9.0L 243kW/325HP LEXION 570 12L 290kW/388HP LEXION 580 16L 362kW/485HP LEXION 600 16L 409kW/548HP LEXION 630 9.0L 239kW/320HP LEXION 630 MONTANA 8.8L 230kW/308HP ADEM IV LEXION 670/670 TERRA TRAC/670 MONTANA 12.5L 317kW/425 HP LEXION 760/760 TERRA TRAC 16L 360kW/483HP LEXION 770 770 TERRA TRAC 16L 405kW/543HP LEXION 780 780 TERRA TRAC 16L 440kW/590HP MEDION 310 6.3L 138kW/185HP OM 906 LA MEDION 340 6.3L 183kW/245HP OM 457 LA MEGA 350 6.3L 164kW/220HP OM 906 LA SCORPION 7045 4.0L 103kW/138HP TUCANO 320 6.4L 140kW/187HP OM906LA TUCANO 320 6.4L 153kW/205HP OM906LA TUCANO 430 6.4L 177kW/237HP OM457LA OM906LA TUCANO 440 6.4L 191kW/256HP OM906LA TUCANO 470 8.8L 240kW/326HP OM926LA XERION 3300 TRAC 3300 TRAC VC 8.8L 224kW/300HP XERION 3800 TRAC 3800 TRAC VC 8.8L 253kW/339HP DEUTZ-FAHR AGROFARM 410 4.0L 63.5kW/85HP AGROFARM 420 4.0L 73kW/97HP AGROFARM 430 4.0L 80kW/107HP AGROFARM TTV 430 4.0L 80kW/107HP AGROTRON 105 MK3 6.0L 78kW/105HP AGROTRON 108 MK3 6.0L 96kW/129HP AGROTRON 120 MK3 7.1L 97kW/130HP AGROTRON 128 6.0L 94kW/128HP AGROTRON 130 6.0L 95kW/129HP AGROTRON 150 6.0L 112kW/150HP AGROTRON 150.7 7.1L 110kW/148HP AGROTRON 165.7 7.1L 125kW/167HP AGROTRON 180.7 7.1L 132kW/177HP AGROTRON 200 7.1L 151kW/202HP AGROTRON 215 7.1L 155kW/207HP AGROTRON 265 7.1L 193kW/258HP AGROTRON 90 MK3 3.2L 73kW/98HP AGROTRON K K 100 6.0L 74kW/99HP AGROTRON K K 110 6.0L 82kW/110HP AGROTRON K K 120 4.0L 88kW/118HP AGROTRON K K 410 4.0L 73kW/97HP AGROTRON K K 420 4.0L 82kW/110HP AGROTRON K K 430 4.0L 95kW/127HP AGROTRON K K 610 6.0L 89kW/119HP AGROTRON K K 90 6.0L 66kW/89HP AGROTRON L L 720 7.1L 162kW/217HP AGROTRON M M 420 4.0L 116kW/155HP AGROTRON M M 600 6.0L 103kW/138HP AGROTRON M M 610 6.0L 109kW/146HP AGROTRON M M 620 6.0L 122kW/163HP AGROTRON M M 640 6.0L 132kW/180HP AGROTRON M M 650 6.0L 141kW/189HP AGROTRON TTV TTV 1130 7.1L 99kW/132HP AGROTRON TTV TTV 1145 7.1L 109kW/146HP AGROTRON TTV TTV 1160 7.1L 119kW/159HP AGROTRON TTV TTV 420 4.0L 95kW/127HP AGROTRON TTV TTV 620 6.0L 135kW/181HP AGROTRON TTV TTV 630 6.0L 163kW/218HP AGROTRON X X 710 7.1L 184kW/246HP AGROTRON X X 720 7.1L 198kW/265HP ATLAS 4.0L TD 56kW/75HP H – HTS 5690 230kW/308HP MOBILE MACHINERY BF6M1013 7.1L 147kW/200HP MOBILE MACHINERY TCD 16.0L V8 520kW/697HP MOBILE MACHINERY TCD 2012 4.0 92kW/123HP MOBILE MACHINERY TCD 2013 4.8L 118kW/158HP MOBILE MACHINERY TCD 2013 7.1L 243kW/326HP SERIES 5 5100 3.6L 72.5kW/97HP SERIES 5 5110 3.6L 81kW/108HP SERIES 5 5120 3.6L 87kW/116HP SERIES 5 5130 3.6L 93kW/124HP SERIES 6 6120.4 TTV 4.1L 87kW/116H SERIES 6 6130.4 TTV 4.1L 94kW/126HP SERIES 6 6140.4 TTV 4.1L 99kW/132HP SERIES 6 6150 AGROTRON 6.1L 110kW/148HP SERIES 6 6160 AGROTRON 6.1L 122kW/164HP SERIES 6 6180 AGROTRON 6.1L 129kW/173HP SERIES 6 6190 AGROTRON 6.1L 142kW/190HP SERIES 7 7210 AGROTRON TTV 6.1L 24V 163KW/219HP ECO LOG FORWARDERS 574 D 192kW/257HP HARVESTERS 560 D 190kW/255HP HARVESTERS 580 D 205kW/275HP FENDT 500 VARIO 512 92kW/123HP 500 VARIO 513 99kW/133HP 500 VARIO 514 107kW/143HP 500 VARIO 516 121kW/162HP 700 VARIO 712 6.1L 97kW/130HP 700 VARIO 712 TMS 6.1L 98kW/131HP 700 VARIO 714 6.0L 113kW/151HP 700 VARIO 714 6.1L 96kW/128HP 700 VARIO 714 TMS 6.1L 103kW/138HP 700 VARIO 716 6.0L 121kW/162HP 700 VARIO 716 6.1L 110kW/147HP 700 VARIO 716 6.1L 118kW/158HP 700 VARIO 718 6.0L 132kW/177HP 700 VARIO 718 6.1L 121kW/162HP 700 VARIO 720 6.0L 147kW/197HP 700 VARIO 722 6.0L 162kW/217HP 700 VARIO 724 6.0L 176kW/236HP 800 VARIO 815 6.1L 110kW/147HP 800 VARIO 817 6.0L 121kW/162HP 800 VARIO 818 6.0L 134kW/180HP 800 VARIO 818 6.1L 125kW/167HP 800 VARIO 819 6.1L 151kW/202HP 800 VARIO 820 6.1L 156kW/209HP 800 VARIO 822 6.1L 162kW/217HP SCR 800 VARIO 824 6.1L 176kW/236HP 800 VARIO 826 6.1L 191kW/256HP 800 VARIO 828 6.1L 206kW/276HP 900 VARIO 916 6.8L 132kW/177HP 900 VARIO 920 6.8L 154kW/206HP 900 VARIO 922 7.1L 162kW/217HP 900 VARIO 924 6.8L 176kW/236HP 900 VARIO 924 7.1L 177kW/237HP 900 VARIO 926 6.8L 199kW/266HP 900 VARIO 927 7.8L 199kW/266HP 900 VARIO 928 6.8L 206kW/276HP 900 VARIO 930 6.8L 221kW/296HP 900 VARIO 930 7.1L 220kW/295HP 900 VARIO 930 7.8L 221kW/296HP SCR 900 VARIO 933 7.8L 243kW/325HP 900 VARIO 936 7.8L 265kW/355HP 900 VARIO 939 7.8L 287kW/384HP SCR KATANA 65 16L V8 480kW/644HP HURLIMANN TRACTORS 0 VARIO 207 3.3L 51kW/68HP 200 VARIO 208 3.3L 59kW/79HP 200 VARIO 208 3.3L 59kW/79HP 200 VARIO 209 3.3L 67kW/89HP 200 VARIO 210 3.3L 73kW/98HP 200 VARIO 210 3.3L 73kW/98HP 200 VARIO 211 3.3L 81kW/108HP 300 VARIO 309 4.1L 69kW/94HP 300 VARIO 309 4.4L 70kW/93HP 300 VARIO 310 4.1L 77kW/104HP 300 VARIO 310 4.4L 77kW/103HP 300 VARIO 311 4.1L 85kW/114HP 300 VARIO 311 4.4L 84kW/112HP 300 VARIO 312 4.1L 92kW/124HP 300 VARIO 312 4.4L 92kW/123HP 300 VARIO 313 4.1L 99kW/133HP 400 VARIO 411 4.4L 88kW/118HP 400 VARIO 412 4.4L 92kW/123HP 400 VARIO 413 4.4L 99kW/132HP 400 VARIO 414 4.4L 107kW/143HP 400 VARIO 415 4.4L 114kW/152HP XL 130 6.0L 93kW/124HP XL 150 6.0L 110kW/147HP XL 150.7 6.0L 110kW/147HP XL 165.7 6.0L 125kW/167HP XL 180.7 6.0L 125kW/168HP XM 100 4.0L 82kW/110HP XM 110 4.0L 87kW/116HP XM 120 4.0L 93kW/124HP XT 115 90kW/120HP SAME SME XT 130 99kW/132HP SAME SME JCB TRACTORS 20FASTRAC 2140 105kW/141HP RECON FASTRAC 2155 116kW/156HP FASTRAC 2170 127kW/170HP FASTRAC 3190 132kW/178HP RECON FASTRAC 3200 Xtra 145kW/195HP FASTRAC 3220 149kW/200HP RECON FASTRAC 3230 Xtra 162kW/217HP FASTRAC 7230 172kW/231HP FASTRAC 8250 186kW/250HP WHEELED LOADING LOADERS 414S AGRI 104kW/140HP WHEELED LOADING LOADERS 416S AGRI 119kW/160HP JOHN DEERE COTTON PICKERS 7660 274kW/368HP COTTON PICKERS 7760 395kW/530HP COTTON PICKERS 7760 417kW/559HP CRAWLER DOZERS 650J 74kW/99HP DRY BOX SPREADERS 4940 9.0L 250kW/335HP EXCAVATORS 160C LC 4.5L 81kW/109HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 1450 CWS 6.8L 152kW/203HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 1570 Combines 6.8L 192kW/258HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 6650 ForageHarvester 8.1L 229kW/307HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 6750 ForageHarvester 12.5L 294kW/394HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 6850 ForageHarvester 12.5L 353kW/473HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7250 ForageHarvester 9.0L 280kW/375HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7250 ForageHarvester 9.0L 280kW/375HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7280 ForageHarvester 13.5L 328kW/440HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7300 ForageHarvester 12.5L 305kW/409HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7350 ForageHarvester 13.5L 352kW/472HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7380 ForageHarvester 13.5L 362kW/485HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7400 ForageHarvester 12.5L 375kW/503HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7450 ForageHarvester 13.5L 410kW/550HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7480 ForageHarvester 13.5L 414kW/555HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7500 ForageHarvester 12.5L 420kW/563HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7550 ForageHarvester 13.5L 428kW/574HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7700 ForageHarvester 12.5L 420kW/563HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7750 ForageHarvester 13.5L 458kW/614HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7780 ForageHarvester 13.5L 466kW/625HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7850 ForageHarvester 15L QSX15 507kW/679HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 7950 ForageHarvester 19L QSK 597kW/800HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9470 STS Combines 6.8L 175kW/235HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9510i Combines 8.1L 164kW/220HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9540 WTS Combines 6.8L 168kW/225HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9540i WTS Combines 6.8L 168kW/225HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9560 WTS Combines 8.1L 184kW/247HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9560i WTS Combines 6.8L 183kW/245HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9570 STS Combines 6.8L 202kW/271HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9640 WTS Combines 8.1L 206kW/276HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9640i WPT Combines 9.0L 233kW/313HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9640i WTS Combine 8.1L 217kW/291HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9650 STS Combines 6.8L 212kW/284HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9650 STS Combines 8.1L 212kW/284HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9660 STS Combines 8.1L 227kW/304HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9660 STS Combines 9.0L 227kW/304HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9660 WTS Combines 8.1L 205kW/275HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9670 STS Combines 9.0L 224kW/301HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9750 STS Combines 8.1L 242kW/325HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9760 STS Combines 8.1L 253kW/340HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9770 STS Combines 9.0L 268kW/350HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9780 CTS Combines 8.1L 225kW/302HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9780i CTS Combines 9.0L 261kW/350HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9870 STS Combines 13.5L 351kW/471HP 15 FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9880i STS Combines 12.5L 368kW/494HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI 9970 COTTON 7.6L 187kW/251HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI C670 Combines 9.0L 299kW/401HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI CTS Combines 8.1L 260kW/349HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S550 Combines 6.8L 224kW/300HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S560 Combines 9.0L 261kW/350HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S660 Combines 9.0L 272kW/365HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S670 Combines 9.0L 317kW/425HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S680 Combines 13.5L 400kW/536HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S680 Combines 13.5L 402kW/540HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S685 Combines 13.5L 426kW/571 FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S690 Combines 13.5L 390kW/523HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S690 Combines 13.5L 466kW/625HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI S690 HILLMASTER Combines 366kW/491HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI T550 Combines 6.8L 217kW/291HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI T560 Combines 9.0L 261kW/350HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI T660 Combines 9.0L 273kW/366HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI T660 Combines 9.0L 273kW/366HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI T670 Combines 9.0L 317kW425HP FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI W540 Combines 9.0L 191kW/256HP PHOENNIX FARM VEHICLES – MEZZI AGRICOLI W650 Combines 9.0L 238kW/319HP FORESTRY SWING MACHINE 2154D 6.8L 119kW/160HP FORWARDERS 1010E 4.5L 115kW/154HP FORWARDERS 1110D 6.8L 121kW/162HP FORWARDERS 1110E 6.8L 136kW/182HP FORWARDERS 1210E 6.8L 136kW/182HP FORWARDERS 1410D 6.8L 129kW/173HP FORWARDERS 1410D 6.8L 129kW/173HP FORWARDERS 1510E 6.8L 145kW/194HP FORWARDERS 1710D 8.1L 160kW/214HP FORWARDERS 1910E 9.0L 186kW/249HP FORWARDERS 810C FORWARDERS 810E 4.5L 95kW/127HP GRADERS – LIVELLATRICI 672GP 9.0L 179kW/240HP GRADERS – LIVELLATRICI 772GP 9.0L 198kW/266HP SERIES 4020 MY2005 4720 2.4L 49kW/65HP SERIES 5000 MY2008 5080R 4.5L 64kW/86HP SERIES 5000 MY2008 5090R 4.5L 72kW/97HP SERIES 5000 MY2008 5100R 4.5L 74kW/99HP SERIES 5000 MY2008 5105M 4.5L 67kW/90HP SERIES 5M MY2012 5085M 4.5L 63kW/85HP SERIES 6010 MY1997 6410 6.7L 74kW/99HP SERIES 6010 MY1997 6910 S 6.7L 110kW/147HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6120 PREMIUM 4.5L 59kW/79HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6120 SE 4.5L 59kW/79HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6220 PREMIUM 4.5L 66kW/88HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6220 SE 4.5L 66kW/88HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6320 PREMIUM 4.5L 74kW/99HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6320 SE 4.5L 78kW/105HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6320 SE 4.5L 78kW/105HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6420 PREMIUM 4.5L 81kW/108HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6420 S PREMIUM 4.5L 81kW/108HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6420 SE 85kW/114HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6520 PREMIUM 6.8L 82kW/110HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6520 SE 6.7L 81kW/108HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6620 PREMIUM 6.7L 92kW/123HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6620 SE 6.8L 92kW/123HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6820 PREMIUM 99kW/132HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6920 PREMIUM 118kW/158HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6920 S PREMIUM 6.8L 118kW/158HP SERIES 6020 MY2001 6920 SE 6.8L 116kW/155HP SERIES 6025 MY2008 6225 4.5L 69kW/92HP SERIES 6025 MY2008 6325 4.5L 77kW/103HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6130 PREMIUM 4.5L 64kW/85HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6130 STANDARD 4.5L 64kW/85HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6230 PREMIUM 4.5L 70kW/93HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6230 STANDARD 4.5L 70kW/93HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6330 PREMIUM 4.5L 81kW/108HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6330 STANDARD 4.5L 77kW/103HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6430 PREMIUM 4.5L 94kW/126HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6430 STANDARD 4.5L 85kW/114HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6530 PREMIUM 6.7L 94kW/126HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6530 STANDARD 6.7L 92kW/123HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6534 PREMIUM 4.5L 98kW/131HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6534 STANDARD 4.5L 97kW/130HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6630 PREMIUM 6.7L 102kW/136HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6630 STANDARD 6.7L 100kW/134HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6830 PREMIUM 6.7L 110kW/147HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6830 STANDARD 6.7L 108kW/144HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6930 PREMIUM 6.7L 123kW/164HP SERIES 6030 MY2006 6930 STANDARD 6.7L 120kW/160HP SERIES 6D MY2008 6100D 4.5L 72kW/96HP SERIES 6D MY2008 6115D 4.5L 87kW/116HP SERIES 6M MY2011 6115M 4.5L 85kW/114HP SERIES 6M MY2011 6125M 4.5L 92kW/123HP SERIES 6M MY2011 6130M 4.5L 96kW/129HP SERIES 6M MY2011 6140M 4.5L 103kW/138HP SERIES 6M MY2011 6150M 6.8L 110kW/147HP SERIES 6M MY2011 6170M 6.8L 125kW/167HP SERIES 6MC MY2013 6090 4.5L 66kW/88HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6105R 4.5L 92kW/123HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6105R 4.5L 92kW/123HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6115R 4.5L 99kW/132HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6125R 4.5L 107kW/143HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6130R 4.5L 110kW/147HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6140R 6.8L 118kW/158HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6150R 6.8L 125kW/167HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6170R 6.8L 147kW/197HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6190R 6.8L 140kW/187HP SERIES 6R MY2011 6210R 6.8L 177kW/237HP SERIES 6RC MY2013 6100 4.5L 74kW/99HP SERIES 6RC MY2013 6110 4.5L 81kW/109HP SERIES 7000 MY1992 7700 6.0L 93kW/125HP SERIES 7010 MY1997 7710 8.1L 118kW/158HP SERIES 7010 MY1997 7710 8.1L 119kW/160HP SERIES 7010 MY1997 7710 8.1L 130kW/174HP SERIES 7010 MY1997 7810 8.1L 127kW/170HP SERIES 7015 MY2008 7715 6.8L 134kW/179HP SERIES 7015 MY2008 7815 6.8L 149kW/199HP SERIES 7020 MY2002 7220 6.8L 82kW/110HP SERIES 7020 MY2002 7320 6.8L 93kW/124HP SERIES 7020 MY2002 7420 6.8L 101kW/135HP SERIES 7020 MY2002 7520 6.8L 112kW/150HP SERIES 7020 MY2002 7720 6.8L 128kW/171HP SERIES 7020 MY2002 7820 6.8L 136kW/182HP SERIES 7020 MY2002 7920 6.8L 147kW/197HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7130 6.8L 93kW/125HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7130 PREMIUM 6.8L 79kW/105HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7230 PREMIUM 6.7L 102kW/136HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7230 PREMIUM 6.8L 114kW/153HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7230 PREMIUM 6.8L 82kW/110HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7330 6.8L 93kW/125HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7330 PREMIUM 6.8L 114kW/152HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7430 E PREMIUM 6.8L 131kW/175HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7430 PREMIUM 6.8L 134kW/179HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7530 E PREMIUM 6.8L 143kW/191HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7530 PREMIUM 6.8L 146kW/195HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7630 USA 6.8L 131kW/175HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7730 USA 6.8L 152kW/203HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7830 USA 6.8L 165kW/221HP SERIES 7030 MY2006 7930 USA 6.8L 179kW/240HP SERIES 7080 MY2001 7980 9.0L 261kW/350HP SERIES 7J MY2011 7185J 6.8L 136kW/182HP SERIES 7J MY2011 7195J 6.8L 143kW/191HP SERIES 7J MY2011 7205J 6.8L 150kW/201HP SERIES 7J MY2011 7210J 6.8L 155kW/208HP SERIES 7J MY2011 7225J 6.8L 165kW/221HP SERIES 7R MY2011 7200R 6.8L 162kW/217HP SERIES 7R MY2011 7215R 6.8L 174kW/233HP SERIES 7R MY2011 7230R 9.0L 186kW/249HP SERIES 7R MY2011 7260R 9.0L 210kW/281HP SERIES 7R MY2011 7280R 9.0L 227kW/304HP SERIES 8000 MY1994 8100 8.1L 136kW/182HP SERIES 8000 MY1994 8200 8.1L 154kW/206HP SERIES 8000 MY1994 8300 8.1L 169kW/226HP SERIES 8000 MY1994 8400 8.1L 191kW/256HP SERIES 8000R-RT MY2009 8225R 9.0L 166kW/223HP SERIES 8000R-RT MY2009 8245R 9.0L 180kW/241HP SERIES 8000R-RT MY2009 8270R 9.0L 199kW/267HP SERIES 8000R-RT MY2009 8295R-RT 9.0L 217kW/291HP SERIES 8000R-RT MY2009 8320R-RT 9.0L 235kW/325HP SERIES 8000R-RT MY2009 8345R-RT 9.0L 254kW/341HP SERIES 8010 MY1997 8110 8.1L 145kW/195HP SERIES 8010 MY1997 8210 8.1L 160kW/215HP SERIES 8010 MY1997 8310 8.1L 175kW/235HP SERIES 8010 MY1997 8410 8.1L 201kW270HP SERIES 8020 MY2001 8120 8.1L 149kW/200HP SERIES 8020 MY2001 8220 8.1L 168kW/225HP SERIES 8020 MY2001 8320 8.1L 149kW/200HP SERIES 8020 MY2001 8420 8.1L 201kW/270HP SERIES 8020 MY2001 8420 8.1L 201kW/270HP SERIES 8020 MY2001 8520 8.1L 220kW/290HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8130 9.0L 166kW/223HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8230 9.0L 184kW/247HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8230 T 9.0L 177kW/237HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8330 9.0L 206kW/276HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8330 T 9.0L 206kW/276HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8430 9.0L 225kW/302HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8430 T 9.0L 225kW/305HP SERIES 8030 MY2005 8530 9.0L 243kW/325HP SERIES 8R MY2011 8235R 9.05kW/235HP SERIES 8R MY2011 8260R 9.0L 191kW/256HP SERIES 8R MY2011 8285R 9.0L 210kW/282HP SERIES 8R MY2011 8310R 9.0L 228kW/306HP SERIES 8R MY2011 8335R 9.0L 246kW/330HP SERIES 8R MY2011 8360R 9.0L 265kW/360HP SERIES 9000 MY1996 9200 10.5L 231kW/310HP SERIES 9000 MY1996 9400 12.5L 317kW/425HP SERIES 9020 MY2002 9120 8.1L 208kW/279HP SERIES 9020 MY2002 9220 12.5L 242kW/325HP SERIES 9020 MY2002 9320 12.5L 280kW/375HP SERIES 9020 MY2002 9520 T 12.5L 335kW/450HP SERIES 9030 MY2008 9230 9.0L 251kW/337HP SERIES 9030 MY2008 9330 13.5L 313kW/420HP SERIES 9030 MY2008 9430 13.5L 353kW/473HP SERIES 9030 MY2008 9530T 13.5L 361kW/484HP SERIES 9030 MY2008 9630 13.5L 431kW/578HP SERIES 9030 MY2008 9630T 13.5L 431kW/578HP SERIES 9R – RT MY2011 9410R 13.5L 302kW/405HP SERIES 9R – RT MY2011 9460R – RT 13.5L 338kW/453HP SERIES 9R – RT MY2011 9560R – RT 13.5L 412kW/553HP SKIDDERS 540H CABLE SKIDDERS 6.8L 110kW/148HP SKIDDERS 548H GRAPPLE SKIDDERS 6.8L 110kW/148HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 4024 ENGINE 2.4L 56kW/75HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 4045 ENGINE PUMP 4.5L 55kW/74HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 4045 MIXER FEEDERS 4.L 125kW/168HP 170HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6068 ENGINE PUMP 6.8L 200kW/268HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6068 ENGINE PUMP 6.8L 200kW/268HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6068 TFM 6.8L 133kW/179 SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6081 AFM75 12.5L 280kW/375HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6090 ENGINE 6.8L 255kW/342HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6125 AFM75 MARINE 12.5L 339kW/455HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6125 HF070 ENGINE12.5L 339kW/455HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6125 SFM75 MARINE 12.5L 455kW/610HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 7530 PREMIUM ENGINE 6.8L 146kW/196HP SPECIAL APPLICATIONS ATLAS COPCO GENERATOR 255kW JD Engine SPRAYERS 4630 6.8L 123kW/165HP SPRAYERS 4730 6.8L 183kW/245HP SPRAYERS 4930 9.0L 242kW/325HP SPRAYERS 4940 9.0L 254kW/340HP SPRAYERS 5430i 6.8L 158kW/212HP SUGARCANE HARVESTING 3520 9.0L 251kW/336HP SUGARCANE HARVESTING 3522 9.0L 280kW/376HP TELEHANDLER 3420 4.5L 89kW/120HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 1010D 4.5L 93kW/125HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 1070D 6.8L 136kW/182HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 1070E 6.8L 136kW/182HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 1170E 6.8L 145kW/194HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 1270E 9.0L 170kW/228HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 1270E 9.0L 170kW/228HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 1470E 9.0L 168kW/225HP KOMATSU VALMET FORWARDERS 890.3 150kW/201HP HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR PC200-8 PC200LC-8 WHEEL LOADERS WA480 11.4L 224kW/300HP WHEELED HARVESTERS 941.1 8.4L 210kW/281HP KUBOTA M SERIES M 100 3.7L 71kW/95HP M SERIES M 110 3.7L 79kW/107HP M SERIES M 126 6.1L 79kW/106HP M SERIES M 130X 6.1L 103kW/138HP M SERIES M 135GX 6.1L 99kW/133HP LAMBORGHINI TRACTORS R3 EVO R3 85 4.0L 62kW/83HP R4 105 77kW/103HP R4 110 SAME 81kW/108HP R5 EVO 115 SAME 85kW/114HP R5 EVO 130 SAME 96kW/128HP R6 100 4.0L 73kW/97HP R6 110 4.0L 82kW/110HP R6 115 6.0L 89kW/119HP R6 120 4.0L 95kW/127HP R6 125 4.0L 95kW/127HP R6 130 4.0L 93kW/124HP R6 130 6.0L 103kW/138HP R6 135 4V 4.0L 104kW/139HP R6 140 4V 6.0L 109kW/146HP R6 140 6.0L 109kW/146HP R6 150 4.0L 110kW/147HP R6 150 VRT 6.0L 121kW/162HP R6 150.7 110kW/147HP R6 150.7 VRT 109kW/146HP R6 155 4V 4.0L 116kW/155HP R6 160 4V 6.0L 122kW/163HP R6 160 6.0L 122kW/163HP R6 165.7 125kW/167HP R6 165.7 VRT 119kW/159HP R6 175 4V 6.0L 129kW/173HP R6 180.7 125kW/167HP R6 185 4V 6.0L 141kW/189HP R6 190 VRT 6.0L 149kW/199HP R7 190 VRT 6.0L 149kW/199HP R7 200 7.1L 151kW/202HP R7 210 7.1L 157kW/210HP R8 215 7.1L 155kW/207HP R8 230 7.1L 183kW/245HP R8 265 7.1L 192kW/257HP R8 270 7.1L 198kW/265HP LANDINI NITRO 120 3.6L 85kW/114HP R3 EVO R3 100 4.0L 73kW/97HP R3 EVO R3 110 4.0L 80kW/107HP ALPINE 70 3.3L 51kW/68HP ALPINE 80 3.3L 56kW/75HP ALPINE 85 3.3L 59kW/80HP LANDPOWER 125 6.7L 86kW/115HP LANDPOWER 135 6.7L 98kW/131HP LANDPOWER 145 6.7L 104kW/140HP PERKINS LANDPOWER 165 6.7L 116kW/155HP LANDPOWER 185 6.7L 134kW/180HP LEGEND 125 6.0L TDI 92kW/123HP PERKINS LEGEND 145 6.0L TDI 107kW/143HP LEGEND 165 6.0L TDI 120kW/160HP LEGEND 185 6.0L TDI 136kW/185HP MYTHOS 115 TDI 81kW/108HP PERKINS POWERFUL 230 8.3L 172kW/231HP POWERFUL 260 8.3L 194kW/260HP POWERFUL 280 8.3L 209kW/280HP POWERMASTER 180 6.7L 129kW/173HP POWERMASTER 200 6.7L 148kW/198HP POWERMASTER 220 6.7L 159kW/213HP POWERMASTER 230 6.7L 169kW/230HP POWERMAX 145 6.7L 108kW/145HP POWERMAX 165 6.7L 121kW/162HP POWERMAX 185 6.7L 127kW/171HP POWERMONDIAL 120 4.4L 82kW/110HP SERIE 7 145 6.7L 106kW/142HP SERIE 7 165 6.7L 119kW/160HP SERIE 7 185 6.7L 126kW/169HP SERIE 7 190 6.7L 132kW/177HP SERIE 7 210 6.7L 146kW/196HP SERIE 7 230 6.7L 157kW/210HP STARLAND 210 8.3L 154kW/206HP STARLAND 240 8.3L 166kW/222HP STARLAND 270 8.3L 198kW/265HP LAVERDA AGRI Hillside Combines 255 AL 5.8L 150kW/201HP Hillside Combines 255 AL 5.8L 176kW/236HP Hillside Combines 255 LCS 6.7L 183kW/245HP LINDE MULETTO – FORKLIFT 394 V/VM/VM+ MULETTO – FORKLIFT H30D MULETTO – FORKLIFT H50D LINDNER TRACTORS GEOTRAC 94 74kW/100HP PERKINS GEOTRAC 114ep 98kW/131HP PERKINS GEOTRAC 134ep 106kW/142HP PERKINS MASSEY FERGUSON MF 7400 MF 7475 Dyna-VT 6.6L 115kW/154HP PERKINS MF 7400 MF 7480 Dyna-VT 6.6L 114kW/153HP PERKINS MF 7400 MF 7480 Dyna-VT 6.6L 123kW/164HP MF 7400 MF 7480 Dyna-VT 6.6L 123kW/164HP PERKINS MF 7400 MF 7485 Dyna-VT 6.6L 120kW/160HP MF 7400 MF 7485 Dyna-VT 6.6L 132kW/177HP MF 7400 MF 7490 Dyna-VT 6.6L 127kW/170HP MF 7400 MF 7490 Dyna-VT 6.6L 140kW/187HP MF 7400 MF 7495 Dyna-VT 6.6L 143kW/191HP MF 7400 MF 7495 Dyna-VT 6.6L 149kW/199HP MF 7400 MF 7497 Dyna-VT 7.4L 166kW/222HP MF 7400 MF 7499 Dyna-VT 7.4L 177kW/237HP MF 7600 MF 7614 6.6L 103KW/138HP MF 7600 MF 7615 6.6L 110KW/147HP MF 7600 MF 7616 6.6L 118KW/158HP MF 7600 MF 7618 6.6L 129KW/173HP MF 7600 MF 7619 6.6L 136KW/182HP MF 7600 MF 7620 6.6L 147KW/197HP MF 7600 MF 7622 6.6L 158KW/211HP MF 7600 MF 7624 7.4L 173KW/232HP MF 8200 MF 8210 6.0L 113kW/151HP MF 8200 MF 8220 XTRA 6.0L 122kW/163HP MF 8200 MF 8240 XTRA 6.0L 140kW/187HP MF 8200 MF 8250 XTRA 7.4L 157kW/210HP MF 8200 MF 8260 XTRA 7.4L 170kW/228HP MF 8200 MF 8270 XTRA 8.4L 192kW/257HP MF 8200 MF 8280 XTRA 8.4L 212kW/284HP MF 8400 MF 8450 Dyna-VT 7.4L 158kW/211HP MF 8400 MF 8450 Dyna-VT 7.4L 160kW/215HP MF 8400 MF 8460 Dyna-VT 7.4L 175kW/235HP MF 8400 MF 8470 Dyna-VT 7.4L 191kW/256HP MF 8400 MF 8470 Dyna-VT 8.4L 193kW/260HP MF 8400 MF 8480 Dyna-VT 7.4L 213kW/285HP MF 8400 MF 8480 Dyna-VT 8.4L 179kW/240HP MF 8600 MF 8650 8.4L 199kW/266HP MF 8600 MF 8660 8.4L 217kW/291HP MF 8600 MF 8660 8.4L 220kW/295HP MF 8600 MF 8670 8.4L 236kW/316HP MF 8600 MF 8690 8.4L 272kW/364HP McCORMICK COMBINES MF 9590 224kW/300HP COMBINES MF 9670 8.4L 239kW/320HP COMBINES MF 9790 ATR 8.4L 283kW/380HP COMBINES MF 9790 ATR II 8.4L 283kW/380HP MF 1700 1736 1.7L 27kW/36HP MF 3600VSF MF 3640 63kW/84HP MF 3600VSF MF 3660 76kW/101HP MF 5400 MF 5445 4.4L 73kW/97HP PERKINS MF 5400 MF 5455 4.4L 82kW/110HP PERKINS MF 5400 MF 5460 4.4L 92kW/123HP MF 5400 MF 5465 4.4L 92kW/123HP PERKINS (T3) MF 5400 MF 5465 6.0L 88kW/118HP PERKINS (T2) MF 5400 MF 5465 6.6L 98kW/131HP MF 5400 MF 5470 4.4L 92kW/123HP PERKINS MF 5400 MF 5470 4.4L 99kW/133HP MF 5400 MF 5475 6.6L 106kW/142HP MF 5400 MF 5480 4.9L 106kW/142HP MF 5600 5608 3.3L 63kW/85HP MF 5600 5609 3.3L 70kW/94HP MF 5600 5610 3.3L 78kW/105HP MF 5600 5611 4.4L 77kW/103HP MF 5600 5612 4.4L 85kW/114HP MF 5600 5613 4.4L 92kW/123HP MF 6400 MF 6445 Dyna-6 4.4L 74kW/99HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6455 Dyna-6 4.4L 82kW/110HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6460 Dyna-6 4.4L 85kW/114HP MF 6400 MF 6460 Dyna-6 4.4L 92kW/123HP MF 6400 MF 6465 Dyna-6 6.0L 87kW/116HP MF 6400 MF 6465 Dyna-6 6.6L 98kW/131HP MF 6400 MF 6465 Dyna-6 88kW/118HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6470 Dyna-6 4.4L 92kW/123HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6470 Dyna-6 4.4L 99kW/132HP MF 6400 MF 6475 Dyna-6 6.0L 99kW/132HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6475 Dyna-6 6.6L 104kW/140HP MF 6400 MF 6475 Dyna-6 6.6L 105kW/140HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6480 Dyna-6 6.0L 106kW/142HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6480 Dyna-6 6.6L 116kW/155HP MF 6400 MF 6480 Dyna-6 6.6L 116kW/155HP PERKINS MF 6400 MF 6485 Dyna-6 6.6L 113kW/151HP MF 6400 MF 6485 Dyna-6 6.6L 129kW/173HP MF 6400 MF 6490 Dyna-6 6.6L 125kW/167HP MF 6400 MF 6490 Dyna-6 6.6L 136kW/182HP MF 6400 MF 6495 Dyna-6 6.6L 137kW/184HP MF 6400 MF 6495 Dyna-6 6.6L 146kW/195HP MF 6400 MF 6497 Dyna-6 6.6L 143kW/191HP MF 6400 MF 6497 Dyna-6 7.4L 158kW/211HP MF 6400 MF 6499 Dyna-6 7.4L 169kW/226HP MF 6400 MF 6499 Dyna-6 7.4L 169kW/226HP MF 6600 MF 6612 4.9L 88kW/118HP MF 6600 MF 6613 4.9L 96kW/129HP MF 6600 MF 6614 4.9L 103kW/138HP MF 6600 MF 6615 4.9L 110kW/147HP MF 6600 MF 6616 4.9L 118kW/158HP MF 7400 MF 7465 Dyna-VT 6.0L 94kW/126HP MF 7400 MF 7465 Dyna-VT 6.6L 85kW/114HP PERKINS MF 7400 MF 7475 Dyna-VT 6.0L 106kW/142HP MC MC 115 (T2) 4.4L 85kW/114HP MC MC 115 (T3) 4.4L 81kW/108HP PERKINS MC MC 120 (T2) 6.0L 87kW/116HP PERKINS MC MC 130 (T3) 4.4L 92kW/124HP MC MC 135 (T2) 6.0L 97kW/130HP MTX MTX 165 6.7L 120kW/161HP C2 MTX MTX 185 6.7L 134kW/179HP C2 MTX MTX 200 CUMMINS 5.9L 143kW/191HP TTX TTX 190 (T3) 6.7L 132kW/177HP TTX TTX 210 (T3) 6.7L 146kW/195HP TTX TTX 230 (T3) 6.7L 157kW/210HP XTX XTX 145 (T3) 6.7L 107kW/143HP XTX XTX 165 (T3) 6.7L 134kW/179HP XTX XTX 185 (T3) 6.7L 126kW/169HP XTX XTX 200 6.7L 157kW/210HP XTX XTX 215 6.7L 165kW/221HP ZTX ZTX 230 8.3L 171kW/229HP ZTX ZTX 230 8.3L 171kW/229HP ZTX ZTX 260 8.3L 193kW/258HP ZTX ZTX 280 8.3L 208kW/278HP MILLER NITRO 4000 SERIES 4275 HOLLAND AGRICULTURE CR 6080 6.7L 217kW/291HP CR 8070 8.7L 330kW/442HP CR 8080 10L 360kW/483HP CR 9060 9.0L 305kW/409HP CR 9060 PREMIUM 9.0L 325kW/436HP CR 9070 10L 342kW/459HP CR 9080 10L 390kW/523HP CR 9090 13L 435kW/583HP CR 960 7.7L 248kW/333HP CR 980 10L 319kW/428HP CSX 7050 6.7L 200kW/268HP CSX 7060 8.7L 223kW/299HP CSX 7080 8.7L 245kW/328HP CX 5080 6.7L 190kW/255HP CX 6080 6.7L 220kW/295HP CX 6090 8.7L 245kW/329HP CX 760/820 207kW/277HP CX 780/840 14.3L 220kW/295HP CX 8030 8.7L 200kW/268HP CX 8040 8.7L 234kW/313HP CX 8050 8.7L 268kW/359HP CX 8060 8.7L 245kW/328HP CX 8070 8.7L 268kW/359HP CX 8080 8.7L 290kW/388HP CX 8090 10L 335kW/449HP CX 860 14L 245kW/328HP CX 880 14L 275kW/368HP CX Elevation CX 7080 Elevation 8.7L 245kW/329HP CX Elevation CX 7090 Elevation 8.7L 270kW/362HP CX Elevation CX 8080 Elevation 8.7L 295kW/396HP FR 9040 8.7L 312kW/418HP FR 9050 13L 368kW/493HP FR 9060 13L 435kW/583HP FR 9080 18.1L 504kW/685HP FR 9090 20.1L 606kW/812HP FX 28 279kW/374HP MS6.2 FX 30 221kW/296HP MS6.2 FX 38 283kW/380HP MS6.2 FX 40 12.9L 315kW/422HP FX 50 13L 379kW/508HP FX 60 14.8L 420kW/563HP LM 5040 4.5L 88kW/118HP MXU 110 82kW/110HP SPRAYER DEFENSOR SP2500 4.5L 103kW/138HP SPRAYER GUARDIAN 275F 6.7L 205kW/275HP T 6020 4.4L 90kW/120HP T 6030 6.7L 86kW/115HP T 6040 ELITE 4.4L 90kW/121HP T 6050 6.7L 101kW/135HP T 6060 ELITE 4.4L 97kW/130HP T 6070 6.7L 92kW/123HP T 6080 6.7L 124kW/166HP T 6090 6.7L 128kW/171HP T 7030 6.7L 132kW/177HP T 7040 6.7L 147kW/197HP T 7050 6.7L 156kW/209HP T 7060 6.7L 164kW/219HP T 7070 6.7L 154kW/206HP T 7550 6.7L 145kW/194HP T 8010 8.3L 182kW/244HP T 8020 8.3L 207kW/277HP T 8030 8.3L 226kW/303HP T 8040 8.3L 248kW/332HP T 8050 9.0L 263kW/352HP T 9020 9.0L 249kW/335HP T 9050 9.0L 361kW/484HP T4 T4.105 3.4L 79kW/105HP T4 T4.85 3.4L 63kW/85HP T5 T5.105 3.4L 79kW/107HP T5 T5.115 3.4L 84kW/112HP T5 T5.95 3.4L 73kW/98HP T6 T6.120 4.4L 89kW/119HP T6 T6.140 4.4L 105kW/141HP T6 T6.150 4.4L 113kW/151HP T6 T6.155 6.7L 113kW/151HP T6 T6.160 4.4L 120kW/161HP T6 T6.165 6.7L 121kW/162HP T6 T6.175 6.7L 129kW/173HP T7 T7.170 6.7L 126kW/169HP T7 T7.185 6.7L 138kW/185HP T7 T7.200 6.7L 149kW/199HP T7 T7.205 6.7L 154kW/207HP T7 T7.210 6.7L 156kW/209HP T7 T7.220 6.7L 160kW/214HP T7 T7.235 6.7L 172kW/230HP T7 T7.245 6.7L 178kW/239HP T7 T7.250 6.7L 184kW/246HP T7 T7.260 6.7L 191kW/256HP T8 T8.270 8.7L 202kW/271HP T8 T8.275 8.7L 202kW/271HP T8 T8.300 8.7L 207kW/277HP T8 T8.325 8.7L 230kW/308HP T8 T8.330 8.7L 235kW/315HP T8 T8.360 8.7L 251kW/336HP T8 T8.385 8.7L 250kW/335HP T8 T8.390 8.7L 274kW/367HP TG 230 8.3L 180kW/242HP TG 255 8.3L 207kW/278HP TG 285 8.3L 229kW/307HP TJ 530 14.9L 395kW/530HP TM 175 7.4L 166kW/223HP TM 190 7.4L 179kW/240HP TS 110A 4.4L 82kW/110HP TS 125A 6.7L 93kW/125HP TS 135A 6.7L 101kW/136HP TVT 145 6.6L 106kW/143HP TVT 175 6.6L 128kW/171HP TVT 190 6.6L 141kW/189HP TVT 195 6.6L 143kW/192HP TX 68 9.5L 231kW/310HP HOLLAND CONSTRUCTION CRAWLER EXCAVATORS E150B CRAWLER EXCAVATORS E305 C2 FPT INDUSTRIAL ENGINES N45ENTX20.00A004 104kW/140HP WHEEL LOADERS W130B WHEEL LOADERS W190B SAME ANTARES 100 4.0L 74kW/99HP ANTARES 110 4.0L 81kW/108HP ANTARES 130 4.0L 93kW/124HP DIAMOND 210 7.1L 155kW/207HP DIAMOND 215 7.1L 162kW/217HP DIAMOND 230 7.1L 183kW/245HP DIAMOND 265 7.1L 192kW/257HP DIAMOND 270 7.1L 202kW/270HP EXPLORER 3 100 4.0L 73kW/97HP EXPLORER 3 110 4.0L 80kW/107HP EXPLORER 3 85 4.0L 62kW/83HP EXPLORER 3 85 4.0L 65kW/87HP EXPLORER 3 95 4.0L 70kW/93HP FRUTTETO 86 4.0L 59kW/79HP IRON 100 4.0L 73kW/97HP IRON 100 4.0L 74kW/99HP IRON 110 4.0L 81kW/108HP IRON 110 4.0L 82kW/110HP IRON 115 6.0L 89kW/119HP IRON 120 4.0L 88kW/118HP IRON 125 4.0L 95kW/127HP IRON 130 6.0L 97kW/130HP IRON 130S 4.0L 92kW/123HP IRON 140 6.0L 105kW/140HP IRON 150 6.0L 110kW/147HP IRON 150 CONTINUO 6.0L 121kW/162HP IRON 150.7 6.0L 110kW/147HP IRON 160 6.0L 122kW/163HP IRON 165.7 6.0L 125kW/167HP IRON 165.7 7.1L 125kW/168HP IRON 170 CONTINUO 6.0L 135kW/181HP IRON 175 6.0L 132kW/177HP IRON 175S 6.0L 145kW/194HP IRON 185 6.0L 141kW/189HP IRON 190 CONTINUO 6.0L 171kW/229HP IRON 190S 7.1L 143kW/192HP IRON 200 7.1L 153kW/205HP IRON 210 7.1L 162kW/217HP IRON 220 7.1L 162kW/217HP SILVER 110 4.0L 80kW/107HP SILVER 115 6.0L 85kW/114HP SILVER 130 6.0L 94kW/126HP SILVER 160 6.0L 118kW/158HP SILVER 180 6.0L 132kW/177HP SILVER 85 4.0L 63kW/84HP SILVER 95 4.0L 70kW/93HP SILVER 3 100 4.0L 73kW/97HP SILVER 3 105 6.0L 77kW/103HP SILVER 3 110 4.0L 80kW/107HP VIRTUS 100 3.6L 72.5kW/97HP VIRTUS 110 3.6L 81kW/108HP VIRTUS 120 3.6L 89.5kW/120HP SISU E11 10.8L ISME 420-20 287kW/385HP E11 10.8L ISME 420-20 306kW/410HP E11 10.8L ISME 420-20 313kW/420HP POLAR 15.9L 8CIL 405kW/543HP R500 DXI13 500HP MPC 5554 R500 DXI13 500HP MPC 565 ROCK C600 15.2L 6CIL 388kW/520HP TIMBER C18 18L 470kW/630HP TECNOMA SELF-PROPELLED SPRAYERS LASER FC 5240 6.1L 180kW/242HP TIGERCAT TRACK FELLER BUNCHERS 860C 8.9L 224kW/300HP TRACK FELLER BUNCHERS 870C 8.9L 224kW/300HP TIMBER PRO HARVESTER TB 630-B VALTRA TRACTORS 6000 6400 4.4L 77kW/103HP 6000 6550 4.4L 77kW/103HP 6000 6850 4.4L 92kW/123HP A Series A83 HiTech 3.3L 65kW/87HP A Series A93 HiTech 3.3L 74kW/99HP BC Series BC 6500 239kW/321HP BC Series BC 7500 250kW/335HP C Series C 120 4.4L 88kW/118HP C Series C 120e 4.4L 88kW/118HP C Series C 130 4.4L 99kW/132HP C Series C 150 4.4L 110kW/147HP M Series M 120 4.3L 89kW/120HP M Series M 120e 4.3L 89.5kW/120HP M Series M 130 4.3L 100kW/135HP M Series M 150 4.3L 111kW/150HP M Series XM 130 4.3L 100kW/135HP M Series XM 150 4.3L 111kW/150HP N Series N 101 4.4L 85kW/114HP N Series N 103 3.3L 82kW/110HP N Series N 111e 4.4L 90kW/120HP N Series N 113 HiTech 5 4.4L 91kW/124HP N Series N 121 4.4L 101kW/135HP N Series N 141 4.9L 113kW/151HP N Series N 93 3.3L 73kW/98HP N VERSU N 142 VERSU 4.9L 112kW/150HP S Series S 230 8.4L 169kW/226HP S Series S 240 8.4L 181kW/242HP S Series S 260 8.4L 191kW/256HP S Series S 280 8.4L 206kW/276HP T DIRECT T153 DIRECT 6.6L 114KW/152HP T DIRECT T163 DIRECT 7.4L 125KW/167HP T DIRECT T183 DIRECT 7.4L 142KW/190HP T DIRECT T203 DIRECT 7.4L 156KW/209HP T HITECH T133 HITECH 6.6L 104KW/139HP T HITECH T153 HITECH 6.6L 114KW/152HP T HITECH T173 HITECH 7.4L 132KW/177HP T HITECH T193 HITECH 7.4L 140KW/187HP T Series T 120 6.2L 92kW/123HP T Series T 121 6.2L 98kW/133HP T Series T 130 6.2L 99kW/132HP T Series T 131 6.6L 113kW/151HP T Series T 140e 6.2L 107kW/143HP T Series T 151e 6.6L 120kW/160HP T Series T 160 6.2L 121kW/162HP T Series T 161 6.6L 128kW/171HP T Series T 170 7.3L 137kW/184HP T Series T 171 7.4L 135kW/181HP T Series T 173 7.4L 129KW/173HP T Series T 180 7.4L 132kW/177HP T Series T 180 7.4L 142kW/190HP T Series T 190 7.4L 157kW/211HP T Series T 191 7.4L 139kW/186HP T Series T170 7.4L 129kW/173HP T Series T190 7.4L 136kW/182HP T VERSU T 132 VERSU 6.6L 104kW/139HP T VERSU T 152 VERSU 6.6L 115kW/154HP T VERSU T 153 VERSU 6.6L 114kW/153HP T VERSU T 162e VERSU 6.6L 123kW/164HP T VERSU T 163e VERSU 6.6L 125kW/168HP T VERSU T 182 VERSU 7.4L 137kW/183HP T VERSU T 202 VERSU 7.4L 147kW/197HP T VERSU T153 VERSU 6.6L 114KW/152HP T VERSU T163 VERSU 7.4L 125KW/167HP T VERSU T183 VERSU 7.4L 142KW/190HP T VERSU T213 VERSU 7.4L 162KW/217HP

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