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Payment Terms:
Cash, Bank Transfer, Card payment, Zip Money, Humm.

All invoice amounts are due on vehicle collection. Please contact accounts for terms longer than COD. 
Victor and Lee Pty Ltd reserves the right to add administration charges for overdue accounts that have fallen arrears by longer than 7 days. (See collections below for charges)

By delivering your vehicle to us for work and repair you agree to the terms and conditions laid out here. 
Guarantee terms:
If any work on the cooling system has been done, the driver is to observe heat gauge, water levels and report any fault immediately.

Whenever a service or repair has been done by us, the Guarantee or Service book is completed where made available.
Service guarantee:
We guarantee that all work has been properly carried out. Should you feel that anything is not right, please contact us immediately.
The service guarantee for a Manufacturers Handbook Service covers all service parts and adjustments for a period of 6 months or 10,000 km, whichever occurs first. During the guarantee period, faulty service parts will be replaced free of charge. Normal wear and tear is excluded from this guarantee.
Replacement parts guarantee:
We guarantee all accessories and parts replaced under normal wear and tear, to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 6 months or 10,000 km, whichever occurs first. Normal wear and tear is excluded from this guarantee.

Liability is limited as stated above and consequential loss or incidental loss is not covered. The guarantee will be void in the event of incorrect driving techniques or driver abuse. The guarantee will be void in the event that the repairs have been tampered with by a third party, other than the original repairer or without the original repairers written authorisation. Loss suffered as a result of consequential damage not related to work carried out is not covered by the guarantee. The guarantee will be void if warning devices such as cooling system temperature gauges, oil warning gauges, speedometer and other warning lights are not functional or the vehicle is not serviced according to the manufacturers specification and service schedule.

No claim will be entertained without original invoice and service history, presented at date of claim. In the event of a failure where the vehicle has to be recovered or stored, it will be for the owners account. Loan cars, hire cars and towing will not be entertained and will be for the owners account.

Collections and Overdue accounts:
The Keys Family trust trading as Victor and Lee Pty Ltd / Victor and Lee heavy Diesel reserves the right to impose collections charges on all work which is unpaid for. We may also hold the vehicle during this time until payment is received. Our standard overdue fee for customers who have NOT previously arranged payment is 6 % per annum of the original amount owing, charged monthly.  Invoices which are not paid or negotiated after a reasonable amount of time will be sent to a Private collections office and additional charges for this service  will be added as follows:

Debt up  to $500                             $155
 $501  to $1000                               $185   
 $1001  to $5000                            20 %
$5001  to $10000                           15 %
$10000 to $20000                          12.5 %
over $20000                                   10 %

Cancellation and No Show Policy:
Our goal is to provide quality service in a timely manner.  Late cancellations and No Shows (includes arriving more than 30 minutes late) create inconvenience and prevent scheduling of other clients. We understand situations arise when you may need to cancel your booking and we appreciate advance notice when that happens. This helps us be respectful of other client's needs.

Canceling a Service Appointment:
Please call our office 0402 491 525 or 0484 307 942 by 3:00 p.m. on or before one (1) business days (Monday – Friday) prior to your booking to notify us if you need to reschedule or cancel the time that was reserved for you.  Victor and Lee bookings which are canceled or rescheduled without  one (1) business days advance notice will be subject to a $150.00 Deposit requirement prior to rescheduling a new date and time.  This deposit is applied to the cost of service you require.  If the deposit is not needed toward the cost, and you keep your booking, you will receive a refund.  If you fail to keep the booking, no refund will be given. Clients who reschedule multiple times may see limitations to access future bookings.

No Shows:

Clients who do not show up for their Victor and Lee booking without a call to cancel are considered a No Show and will be subject to a $150.00 No Show fee. Which will be invoiced and sent on the day of your booking. 
Thank you for your understanding
We appreciate being able to take care of all your vehicle & earthmoving needs and

We understand there can be special unavoidable circumstances which may cause you to cancel with short notice.  Please let us know if this happens.  In these instances the fee may be waived.

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